NDA Exam Study Tips

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Published: 07th February 2012
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NDA stands for the National Defence Academy. It is an academy for the Indian Armed Forces. It is a privilege to study at NDA. If you want to make a career in the armed forces, then the NDA is your entry point. You have to pass the NDA entrance exam with a good score if you want an admission in NDA. However, it is not easy to do well and pass the NDA entrance considering it is one of the most popular entrance exams and thousands apply for it every year. Given below are some tips to do well in NDA exams:

Get the Basics Right

Social Science is the most basic subject for students who opt for the NDA. You should be good at social science or revise it every now and then if you want an admission in the NDA. You should be strong in History and Social Studies. It will help you a great deal if you set aside a couple of hours every day to study these subjects.

General Knowledge

You should be very strong in general knowledge and current affairs if you want to do well in the NDA entrance exams. You should read at least one newspaper everyday if you want to improve your current affairs. You should be good with subjects like sports, and national and international politics. Just going through general knowledge books at the last minute will not help you do well in these exams.

English Language

English language forms a big section of the NDA entrance paper. This just cannot be ignored. You have to read a little every day. This will improve your English. A lot of emphasis should be given to tenses, usage of verbs, adjectives and other aspects of grammar.


Another important section of the NDA paper is the Maths section. It includes Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics. You have to be well prepared for this section. If you are able to score well in this section, the chances of you doing well in the entrance exams will increase a great deal.

Understand Your Goal

If you want to join the defence forces, you have to understand your goal very well. You should understand the amount of effort that you need to put in and the sacrifices that you may have to make in order to do well. You should be prepared both physically and mentally to put in your best. You should concentrate on each and every subject for the NDA to score well. You need to find out about the syllabus and exam dates well in advance and plan your studies accordingly. Make sure to go through the NDA exam materials and sample test papers to prepare yourself.

Time Your Studies

It is very important to time your studies once you have set your goal. Set a timetable and stick to the schedule.


Make notes while lessons are being taught in the classroom. These notes will be extremely helpful when you revise for the exams.


Revision is of utmost importance. Revise whatever you study regularly. This will tell you where you stand and then you can alter your plans accordingly to finish the portions well in advance. Time yourself and solve mock tests and sample papers to see how well you remember what you have studied.

Following these steps will definitely help you do well in the NDA entrance exams.

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